What's Inside the Course: How to Navigate

Resources Mentioned:

Facebook Group - Check the resources mentioned notes in the next video for an invite to the private facebook group!

Here - you'll see links to any resources mentioned in the video.

Tip - Make sure to use any links that I provide here so I can get credit for referring you. As an Earnest Affiliate and as your trusted instructor I promise to only refer you to products that I personally use and approve of.

Avatar - To have your photo show up next to your name in the discussion, simply make an account and upload your photo on Gravatar. It'll associate your email address with that photo here on Income Boss and any other sites where avatars are used for comments and discussions.

Login - Please bookmark the this course curriculum page so you have easy access to it. If you need to login again, you can use the login link in the footer of the main sales page.

Forums - Instead of the old clunky style forums, we'll be using the discussions below each video like the ones here, and a private facebook group which you'll get a link to in the next video!

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